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 Neko Cabal Rules

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PostSubject: Neko Cabal Rules   Fri Jul 24, 2009 4:22 pm

These are a list of rules for playing on our Cabal server:

1. NO Begging. You may be subjected to a 24hour ban if you are reported for asking other players for their items or money. This is considered harassment and will not be tolerated.

2. Do not attempt to attack a GM unless you've asked and has been giving permission to do so. Attacking a GM without permission may result in a permanent ban.

3. Do not scam other players, as scamers will be banned no questions ask.

4. No Hacking. Players who attempt to hack on our server will be banned. (This is a high rate server hacking and boting are useless and the GM team is nice and friendly. Don't make us ban you, we want everyone to have fun playing on our server, and will hold events so that everyone has a chance to get good items.)

5.Respect other players and staff. Any disrespect or racist comments will result in a 24hr ban on a first and second offense. If a 3rd offense is committed it will result in a permanent ban.

6. Only speak English in Local chat. Warnings will be given if you don't comply. We will be forced to ban you.

7.DO NOT ask the admin for items/Alz you will be ban for doing so

Rules are subject to change as issues come up.
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Neko Cabal Rules
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